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Exhibition at L'amour in Paris

Exhibition at L’amour in Paris

Some photos of X=Explorations, exhibition of our first issue at L'amour in Paris.
X=Explorations - exhibition @L'amour, Paris

X=Explorations – exhibition @L’amour, Paris

The very first exhibition of X=Rivista d'Artista: four artists for X=Explorations.
X1 @Milan Studi Festival

X1 @Milan Studi Festival

First presentation of the hard copy of X=Explorations during Studi Festival in Milan.


  How to choose? Where to go? The act of the artist on the world as a way to orient her/himself: impression of a personal coordinate where there used to be an uncontaminated plain; the attempt to describe an inner landscape, to realize it, bringing it to light to make light. A mark in space...