To get to Danisinni you have to go down a two-way road, the same you take when you leave. It is not uncommon to come across karts loaded with fruit and vegetables heading to the opposite direction or, during the sultry summers, ice-cream street vendors rushing to the square, announced by the clanging music from the speakers and the ensuing crowd of shouting children.

Our narration is not intended to be exhaustive; nobody knows the actual boundaries of Danisinni.

These pages are meant to be an invitation to discover Danisinni for those who have never been there yet and a reminder for those who have forgotten about it.




issue 4

co-created with:
Laura Lafon&Esteban Gonzalez NE/PA(Paola Ristoldo&Dafne Pagura) Lemonot(Sabrina Morreale&Lorenzo Perri) Anne Marie Sampaio
with special illustrations by Alessia Travaglini
20 x 26 cm
88 pages
5 artists

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X=DANISINNI was created with the support of Teatro Massimo Palermo and Officine Grafiche.


A special thanks to Insieme per Danisinni and to all the people we met in the neighbourhood.