X=PLAYGROUNDS will be the third issue of XRIVISTA.

It will be created during an artist residency from 5 to 15 September, in Brussels at the art space Le Maga, Saint-Gilles.
PLAYGROUNDS is a 10 days long artist residency aiming at investigating collaborative forms of artistic creation.
The atelier is free to visit every day: come and meet the magazine and the artists!
Stay updated and follow the residency on this page.


OPEN ATELIER – 5>15 september, 11h00 > 18h00
END-OF-RESIDENCY EXHIBITION – Saturday 16, 16h00>21h30
*** APERITIVO NIGHTS *** spritz+food+music on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10, 18h00>21h30. Come before dinner and support our project!
The 5 artists invited to collaborate in the creation of the issue are:
Maud Gourdon – Ines Claus – Simon Loiseau – Lorraine Druon – Catarina Real

The playground is a green area where kids can play, mainly outdoors, usually near schools.
The playground is a place where a specific group of people can privately enjoy themselves, freely, and doing what they want with whoever they want.
The playground is the common ground of meeting and clash, eventually allowing creation, like the stadium, the theatre, or the recreation.